Thursday, August 13, 2009

Penny 2 y o mare

Penny had some serious injuries.
Free horse, why call a vet? She has no value.

This is the story of a two year old Quarter horse mare. Her owner decided to find a new home for her. Since the mare was young and untrained, it would be hard to get any money for her and the owner just didn't want her anymore. An ad for a FREE Horse brings out many people. If a horse is free, many people think it has no value. An old man came to get this mare. I think the mare's intuition told her not to go in the trailer and she fought the man's efforts. Since the man wanted the free horse, he went home to get more equipment to force her into his homemade trailer. After he got her in, he tied her with a rope around her neck and a halter made of unbreakable material. One the way to the man's house, the young mare, being scared to death on her first trailer ride, flipped over three times in the trailer. The man heard her but didn't stop. When he got home, he uncut the ropes and got her out of the trailer. This is what he saw.
A lady who boards her horses at the man's farm was shocked to see the injuries. She said he needs to call a vet fast but the man said, 'No I will duct tape it'. He wasn't going to spend money on a horse he didn't pay for.
The neighbors also saw the horse and their heart was sad to see this poor young horse in this condition without any medical care so they offered to buy the mare from the man and he agreed. They called the vet and found a piece of bone broken in her jaw along with needing stitches, antibiotics and more. The man who got this horse doesn't care much about what happened to the mare now named Penny. She is a lucky Penny that others cared and stepped in to help. She is slowly recovering from her wounds but she paid the price of a free horse.
If you don't want an animal, please don't just run a Free to good home ad. You never know what the taker considers a GOOD HOME!